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"I flow back and forth between the lines of art director, photographer, videographer and copywriter.  I provide a long list of solutions when asked to provide one. I understand how creative work can be used and how to make the point that we want to make. I plan so efficiently that problems and costs are minimized, expenses are meticulously documented. I immediately put customers at ease. I follow through. I blaze innovative trails with promotional concepts with ever new technical capabilities." 

With the exuberance of a Pratt graduate, noted communications artist,  I've addressed another staunch pursuit.  With the discriminating vision of a seasoned designer I raise AKC, German Shorthaired Pointers.

Visit Enfield Pointer's official, AKC, Kennel's Site to see a warm, wonderful picture collection of as so often proverbially proclaimed, "man's best friend":

I've compiled an exemplary sampling of my work;  some of which you may recall having seen sometime, somewhere before.

the keys to the kingdom a

Portfolio Excerpt, "Suite Garden Retreat",  January, 2015:  ^



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