My goal is to create and deliver the World’s most dramatic commercial content across all mediums and screens. I achieve this through meticulous focus on Artwork, Work, Work.  It's what we do every day to reinforce or change the marketplace.  My core capabilities include: advertising, copy writing, photography, branding, email marketing & eCRM, mobile & social media, strategy and planning, interactive marketing, direct marketing, and design.

Washington Office:

 2102 Windham Lane,  Silver Spring,  Maryland 20902-4310

e:  michaelenfield@verizon.net   I    p:  1-301-649-3732   I   The Artistic Director

"Trump Trap” 

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“A Claim To Fame After The Game”

"I flow back and forth between the lines of art director, photographer, videographer and writer. I provide a long list of solutions when asked to provide one. I understand how creative work can be used and how to make the point that we want to make. I plan so efficiently that problems and costs are minimized, expenses are meticulously documented. I immediately put customers at ease. I follow through and blaze trails with promotional concepts with ever new technical capabilities.”   

~ Michael Enfield, Senior Creative Director (October, 2017)

With the exuberance of a Pratt graduate and seasoned creative artist,  I've developed another vocational aside— cultivating a splendid pedigree of AKC pointers.

 "A dog is one of the remaining reasons why some people can be persuaded to go for a walk. 

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Visit Enfield German Shorthairs, official, AKC Kennel's Site to explore an array of candid pictures of the pets most folks agree to be, "man's best friend”  http://www.enfieldgermanshorthairs.org

I've compiled other exemplary collections of my work in Dropbox, several samples of which you may recall having seen somewhere, sometime before:  


 Home And Garden

 Architectural Impressions


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